Horace Holmes Jr.

Horace Holmes Jr. is the son of migrant farm workers and grew up traveling across the nation wherever work could be found. Mr. Holmes is grateful for his parents and recalls, “We didn’t know we were poor because my mom and dad always worked, and they taught me the value of hard work.”  That work ethic has served Mr. Holmes and his family well, he and his wife Mrs. Yvonne Holmes are active community leaders and successful owners of Horace Holmes Photographic Arts.

Mr. Holmes, who is active in Rotary, recalls when Dr. Chapin Henley spoke about the need to open a volunteer medical clinic. The need for such a clinic was clear throughout the community. Mrs. Yvonne Holmes was a MVC Board Member from 2003-2008 and helped  to bring the clinic through its infancy. As a small business owner, Mr. Holmes struggled to afford health insurance and became a patient at Macon Volunteer Clinic in 2009. At the time, Mr. Holmes exercised by lifting weights and running four to five miles daily. He came to MVC one morning concerned about knee pain. Mr. Holmes was seen for his knee pain, and mentioned offhand that he had been having shortness of breath lately. He was about to schedule an appointment to follow up, when former Executive Director Valerie Biskey suggested he take an EKG. Mr. Holmes thought nothing of it, took the EKG and awaited the results.

It was Mr. Holmes’ 59th birthday the day he went to MVC for knee pain, little did he know what was in store. Following the EKG, Valerie Biskey came in and said, “Horace, where’s Yvonne? Call her.”

Mr. Holmes didn’t understand and Valerie had to repeat herself a few times, “Where’s Yvonne? Call her. We think you’ve had a heart attack.” Valerie wouldn’t let Mr. Holmes drive to the hospital, so he called his son Andre who was a police officer and drove him to Coliseum.

Cardiac tests determined Mr. Holmes had six artery blockages, four of which were 100% blocked. The day after coming in to MVC for knee pain, Mr. Holmes underwent a quadruple bypass heart surgery. The road to recovery was not easy, Mr. Holmes battled a number of infections following the surgery. He remembers nurses crying after he awoke from a procedure, the nurses did not believe Mr. Holmes would survive the surgery. Mr. Holmes worked hard to regain his strength and ability. Mr. Holmes believes he would have been dead without the care of Valerie Biskey and Macon Volunteer Clinic.